Q: Which system is best for me?

A: That really depends on your own specific needs. For example, if you have a new car, you might want to add an alarm with automatic door lock activation for security reasons, and a remote trunk release for convenience. If you have a large van, you may want to consider adding an alarm with a microwave motion sensor to protect the entire van interior.

You'll find that even our basic systems provide a dependable level of protection and convenience. As you work your way up a manufacturer's line, you'll gain features like more sophisticated shock- and motion-sensors and increased remote control capability.

And if you'd like some advice before you make your choice, just give us a email at zsbcs@zsbcs.com, our patient Product Advisors will be glad to help you determine which system best meets your own needs.

Q: What's a relay and how do I know if I need one?

A: A relay is an electronic switch. When current flows through a relay as a result of a remote command, or of a switch being thrown in your vehicle, an associated security feature is automatically activated.

You need a relay any time the current demand of the accessory you're adding exceeds the current your alarm can supply. (Typical relay applications include door locks, trunk locks, dome light, etc., depending on the type of vehicle, the type of alarm, and the interconnect harnesses available.)

Q: My car came with a original installed alarm, so why do I need an a BCS system?

A: We would not be completely honest if we claimed that factory security has "no impact at all" on auto theft. The fact is that many sources cite a 50% decline in "vehicle theft" within a year after an OE immobilizer was introduced in a new model car. But we are then made to wonder, what about the remaining 50% of those stolen vehicle cases? And what about the decline in effectiveness of factory alarms over time, after thieves have had a chance to learn how to defeat them? This reputable source indicates that factory immobilizers deter only "amateur" thieves rather than professionals. And theft rates of some vehicles that had a modest drop after a factory system was introduced, rose again just one year later.

So what does this mean? It means that factory anti-theft systems tend to create more of a false sense of security than a significant reduction in auto crimes.

Here are four reasons why there is a market for BCS security: (1) Because vehicle theft statistics show that even the newest cars with the most "modern" OE anti-theft systems are not stopping thieves from bypassing the system and stealing the car. (2) Because many remote start manufacturers have "factory security bypass modules" that thieves have access to. (3) Because the loss of all your factory transponder keys could cost you several hundred dollars in dealer fees for reprogramming or a computer swap. (4) Because factory security doesn't protect your vehicle against vandalism, and doesn't offer 2-way paging features, compatibility with remote starters or turbo timers, and doesn't offer numerous convenience features that come standard on many BCS systems.

Q: I live outside China. Will BCS Electronics install a product for me?

A: No. We sell through car dealerships, pro shops and retail chain stores that provide such services to end users within your country or area. Please contact us for information on a retailer nearest to you.

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